Giving jewelry is one of the best things you can do to show much this person means to you. The usual way is to just give it to that special someone. Why not make it more memorable by giving it a twist?

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What are the romantic and creative ways on how to give that special necklace for her or any other jewelry? We’ve got you covered with a list of things that you can do to make that extra special. Whether it’s a proposal or simply a birthday, these are the ways on how you can give the jewelry to your girlfriend or significant other. 

  1. Inside Another Gift: Giving a gift is wonderful but, how about two gifts? Rather than just giving a piece of jewelry, creatively combine that with something that would not make her suspicious that it's a necklace or a ring. Nothing can beat the excitement and happiness if they would be surprised to see a gift within a gift. 

Here’s the list of creative and romantic ways on how to give a gift of jewelry:

  1. Ship in a Bottle. Does she love Pirates of the Caribbean or is she a fan of Kiera Knightly, Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom? If that’s her, this would be a great surprise for her. Open the bottle, put some fairy lights in it and then put the jewelry somewhere in the middle. Imagine her delight upon seeing this dazzling necklace inside the bottle.

  2. Bouquet of flowers. Most women do love flowers. It might be a bunch of red roses or a bouquet of different flowers. Carefully put the necklace or ring on top of it, make sure that it won’t fall inside the bouquet. Otherwise, it won’t be a surprise if caught red-handed trying to look for the jewelry inside it. This is one of the easiest to do, however, quite common. Read further. 

    ring on top of flower
  3. Chocolate love: This famous quote from Forrest Gump would surely come into mind. Loaded with goodness and sweetness, some like chocolate a lot. If your girlfriend or wife has a sweet-tooth, this is great for her. A simple box of chocolate will surely delight her, but upon opening, she’ll see the box of jewelry inside too. 

    box of chocolates
  4. Cake! After dinner, offer the cake as a celebration of something related to work or anything. That will surely catch her off-guard. On the outside, the cake would look like it’s an ordinary one but upon slicing it, the knife would hit the closed jewelry box inside. It’s either the cake is customized to have the jewelry box inside or perhaps on top like a cake decor.  

  5. Better sweater. Get her this brand new favorite sweater and just simply put the jewelry inside it the box. It may not be a sweater, it could be a dress, that sexy lingerie, or some other clothes. Easy peasy!

  6. Stuffed toy. Some women like it, some don’t but still, this is definitely a surprise! Get one of those stuffed toys with a secret pocket so you can easily insert the necklace box or jewelry box inside. No creative mind needed here, just pop in the jewelry box inside the pocket. 

    TeeTurtle | The Original Reversible Octopus Plushie | Patented Design | Angry RED + Rage Black | Show Your Mood Without Saying a Word

  7. Rose Teddy Bear. This is one of those teddy bears with roses or roses shaped like a teddy bear. Simply put the necklace for your girlfriend at the neck part of the Rose Teddy Bear. That will surely delight her for 3 reasons: there are red romantic roses, a cute teddy bear, and lastly there’s the dazzling necklace.Truly a romantic way to give jewelry. There are different types of Rose Teddy bear. You can get it from Amazon but if you like the real one, made of real roses, that would be better but a whole lot more expensive. It pumps up the romantic and creative gift giving level by 100%! 

    Rose teddy bear, creative and romantic ways to give a jewelry.
  8. Musical Popping Cake Stand. It’s like a Jack-in-a-box popping cake stand. Simply put the box of jewelry inside this. Cut out the cake to accommodate this gadget. Imagine her surprise when this thing pops out of the cake! It's 2.8 inches in diameter and 6 inches in height. So measure it up with the jewelry box. If it doesn't fit, you can use fillers like flowers or silk cloth so you can safely put the jewelry on top of it.

  9. Box of cookies. It’s not just a box of cookies, silly. It’s shortbread cookies with custom messages on it. Get yourself a box. Then put the necklace inside a small plastic or packet and insert in between layers of the shortbread cookies. These are so cute and sweet messages. Saying love messages just got better.You can get these at Uncommon goods site. 

    box of cookies with sweet messages
  10. Scented Candle. Lighted scented candles are the way to go to set the mood right for evening. So get her a set of her favorite scented candles. Just pop-in the piece of jewelry on top of the candle beside it inside the box. Easy!

  11. Book it! Is she a bookworm? Perhaps she is an old school fan of Stephen King or some other writer. Get that favorite book of hers and then make a small cut in the middle. That’s where you can insert this piece of jewelry for her. 

  12. Inside a clear flower vase. Before putting the jewelry inside the vase, make sure to use a Waterproof Cell Phone Dry Bag. Your partner might not be surprised to see a vase of flowers, but she will get excited once she sees the odd-looking waterproof plastic inside. 

  13. LED Galaxy Glass Rose. It’s one of the glass LED-lit products on Amazon with a lighted rose inside. It is already a nice gift by itself as it means eternal love, inspired from the Beauty and the Beast movie. 
    led galaxy rose from amazon

  14. Helmet. Is she a biker babe? Surprise her by taping the box inside her helmet. 

  15. Plant. Is she a plantaholic? Order that plant, just hang the necklace around it or put the whole jewelry box at its base. If she’s a plantaholic, any plant gift will make her happy, and she’ll see you as someone truly romantic. 

  16. Bath and shower set. Yes, you heard it right. Empty one of the containers, choose your pick, and place the jewelry inside. She’ll love the smell of the bath and shower set, and she’ll be even happier to see the surprise gift. 

    bath and shower set for women from amazon.
  17. Customized pillow. There are tons of options out there to have a customized pillow like this. This is another creative way to give a gift so you can have your message and name on it. Once you have this, place the piece of jewel inside a plastic and insert that inside the pillow. She’ll surely love and hug that pillow!

    customized pillow with message that says, I wish I could turn back time.
  18. Snow Globe. This fancy snow globe would surely surprise her. If you can find a snow globe that can be opened, then that is an easy fit since you can just put the piece of jewelry inside. Otherwise, you may need to use your DIY skills a bit to make your own snow globe. 

  19. Make-up organizer. There’s usually the acrylic type or the wooden makeup organizer. Wrap this make-up organizer creatively. She’ll just expect the makeup organizer by itself, but after opening the whole package, she’ll see the jewelry box inside.

  20. Bag. Every woman would like a bag. Trending right now is the unisex Telfar bag. Before buying one for her, check out the collection she has so you’ll know what she prefers. She might want real leather or vegan leather, a short bag or long strap. Giving her a bag is one of the sweet things that you can do because she can use it everyday. 

  21. Card games for couples, conversation starters: It's a set of cards with questions that the couple can ask one another. There are light, and funny ones to something more serious and deep but all in all, you can just focus on each other. This can be done during dinner, on a road trip or somewhere where you just have a vacant time for each other. It’s usually a pack of around 100 conversation starters cards. It’s one of those things that you can find on Amazon. Remove some of the cards so you can place the jewelry inside.  

    romantic card games for couples, conversation starters
  22. Chill Pill. No, it’s not one of those drugs or viagra! It’s the Love capsules from Amazon. It’s one of those pre-written love letters inside the tiny capsules and placed inside a shatter-proof container. Just open it up and place the jewelry at the bottom. Ask her to read 3 messages before pointing or letting her know that the best message is at the bottom of the bottle. Each message will make her smile, this is not just a creative way to give jewelry, but romantic as well. 

    long-distance relationship pill messages in a bottle from amazon
  1. Giftwrap to perfection.

Many people love to receive jewelry as a gift. There are creative ways to present jewelry as a gift, such as in a classic jewelry box or  in a specially-designed box. You can also make the gift more memorable by using creative gift wrapping with a special bow or box. Some examples include packaging the jewelry in a box that matches the theme of the present, such as wrapping a bottle of perfume in tissue paper that perfectly matches the label on the bottle.

If you're having trouble thinking of ideas for gift-wrapping, you're not alone. When we were younger, we often received gifts in plain brown paper bags with a tag and a bow. Nowadays, we have so many different ways to wrap a gift that we can almost forget what it's like to receive a gift that's just wrapped in paper.

  1. Special location.

  • It might be dinner at your favorite restaurant. 

    couple having dinner in a romantic place
  • At a cafe where you first met. This would certainly bring back the old, sweet memories from before. It’s easy and sets the mood romantically. 

  • Hit the road. Travel to somewhere you’ve never been before, near or far. 

  • Un-bore the workplace. Surprise her during lunch time or after work. 

  • Stroll along the beach at sunset. Take your time to see  the beauty of the sunset as you hold hands with your special loved one. Another option is to make a sand castle and put the jewelry box on top of the highest point. That will surely surprise her!

  1. Surprise timing. No timing is the right timing. She would surely expect this on her Birthday and anniversary or any special event. Instead of giving her this jewelry during those special days, surprise your loved one by giving it ahead of time. This seals the deal that you are truly a romantic. 

  1. Special messenger. The usual suspects are the kids or young ones like niece or nephew. Another special messenger to deliver the jewelry gift is through a close friend or that cute fur baby of yours.  Make sure the jewelry box is secured and won’t open. Tie it around the fur baby and send them away to your girlfriend or loved one. It’s a simple, yet creative way to give the gift. 

    white dog with gold necklace jewelry
  1. Surprise discovery. Let her find it accidentally somewhere like the garage or cupboard. Be sure that it is clearly visible in plain sight so she’ll find it quick. If it’s near the Holidays and you’ve put up the Christmas tree already, hang the necklace or tie the piece of jewelry as an ornament. It’s an easy creative way to give the jewelry, just look for the right spot!

    jewel as a christmas tree ornament, surprise for wife
  1. Include a handwritten romantic letter. Giving a necklace to your girlfriend or wife is nice, but if you also a handwritten-letter, that becomes a whole new level. That is the cherry on top! Imagine her smile or have tears of joy rolling down her cheek as she reads the heart-felt letter from you. So make a thoughtful letter, not too long, not too short either. Let your creative juice flow. If you are a poet, well, lucky you! A poem is indeed a nice touch to write as not everybody is gifted on how to write poems for her. If that is not the case, just simply write a letter coming from your heart. It’s much more sincere and personalized. 

For your reference, you can look up on Instagram and just use the different hashtags related to poems like: #poetry, #shortpoem, #relationshippoems, #lovepoems, #romanticpoems,  #romanticquotes, #romanticquotesforher, #lovepoemsofinstagram, #wordporn, #micropoetry, #romanticpoetry, #relationshipquotesforher.

Just use the combination words of poem, romantic, poetry, relationship, for her, for him, word, quotes, poems, erotic, etc.

You can check Tumbler for other creative and romantic ideas. Pinterest and Facebook are other platforms where you can look at some poems too. 

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If there’s no time, your handwriting belongs to a doctor, or you’re not quite sure on what to put on the letter, have no fear, this Mon Cheri Designs is here. There are lots of messages to choose from, so feel free to browse. So easy and convenient to do. Just choose a message that vibes with you, and for sure, your loved one would appreciate it too. There are lots of reviews on here that show that a sentimental message is always the best, creative and romantic way to give jewelry.