Ten Reasons Why Men Should Wear Cuban Link Chain Necklaces


Jewelry enthusiasts are well aware that not all items are created equal. The Cuban link chain is the gold chain that makes it unique in terms of style, durability, and pure swag factor. This type of chain is a spin-off of the hip-hop styles that exploded in popularity in the 1970s, and it got its Latin-inspired name from its popularity in Miami's Cuban communities. Because of its renown in South Florida, it's frequently described to as a Miami Cuban link chain, but we now see it all across the country, from New York to Los Angeles.

Cuban necklaces are a must-have fashion accessory that men should wear to complete their style, no matter the occasion or the time of year. They’re not only functional, it looks aesthetic, too! If you’re considering buying one for yourself or your partner, here are 10 reasons why men should wear Cuban necklaces.

What is a Cuban link chain?

The Cuban link chain is a spin-off of the regular cable link chain, with oval links that cross in a rope pattern. The interconnected links twist into a cable-like shape, however, this is semi-flat to give it a more sophisticated look. 

Cuban link chain for boyfriend

You Can Match it With a Watch or Jewellery

A Cuban link chain can be worn with a watch, which makes it great for matching your outfit to your accessories. Just taking note that the jewelry pieces should match in colour, like if wear a silver watch, the necklace should be silver too. You can also wear other jewelry along with your Cuban link chain - whether it's on a different part of your body or to match an outfit. This makes them ideal for everyday wear and versatility. It is also easy to layer them up. Some of our customers like wearing multiple Cuban chains at once! We love that! If you want something simple yet elegant then Cuban link chains are a perfect choice for you.

Cuban Link Chain Brings Attention to the Face

One of our favorite jewelry trends for men is a Cuban link chain. These decorative necklaces stand out on your neck and bring attention to a man’s facial features, like his eyes and lips. If you’re looking for something with which to accessorize your outfit that isn’t obvious or garish, consider wearing a Cuban link chain! They come in silver, gold, and even rose gold to match just about any outfit.

Cuban link chain - 10 reasons why should wear one.

You Can Wear a Cuban Link Chain with Anything

It's a classic necklace that you can wear with anything. From jeans to a suit, it makes a great accessory for your everyday look. Plus, there are so many different styles available that you're sure to find one that fits your taste perfectly. It doesn't matter if you prefer silver or gold links; there's something for everyone. Or, if you're really into fashion, you can even wear two or three Cuban link chains at once! It's a classic design so it is truly unique and makes a fantastic gift for anyone on your list! Not only does it show off your personal style, but it also shows how much you care about him. Cuban link chains have different prices, some are affordable (starting around $25) and can be purchased online or in stores such as Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters and Macy's. With so many different types of Cuban necklaces available today, there is no reason why any man shouldn't own one. Whether he wears his Cuban necklace to work every day or just when he goes out on special occasions, it will be noticed by all who see him wearing it! If you have someone special in your life who would love a Cuban necklace as a gift then click here to see our full selection! Shop our selection of stylish Cuban chain necklaces today!


Cuban Link Chains Have Sturdy Clasps

The two-part clasp on a Cuban link chain is almost impossible to open accidentally, making them ideal for men. The clasp can only be opened when someone is wearing it, ensuring that you don’t need to worry about anything coming loose and falling off or becoming unbearably tangled.

Cuban link chain clasp

Cuban link chains have a semi-flat design so it doesn't so it doesn't tangle easily.

Because braided chains have more lines, it’s easier for them to get tangled and knotted, whereas a Cuban link chain has only one line of links so it’s much less likely to get tied up. This means you can put your Cuban necklace on first thing in the morning and not have to worry about untangling it all day long!

Cuban link chains Don’t Get Tangled as Easily as Braided Chains

The Length Can be Adjusted with Links Removed

Cuban necklaces are long enough to get caught on things if you don’t want them to, but they also feature extra links that can be removed so that you can adjust them to your liking. A Cuban necklace might seem like a strange thing for a man to wear, but there are many reasons why they can be beneficial. If you’re still skeptical, here are ten reasons why men should consider wearing Cuban necklaces.

Cuban links chains are sturdy.


Cubans are Less Costly than Other Chains

When it comes to personal fashion, some men are quite frugal while others may spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a single piece. No matter how much you’re willing to spend, however, you’ll likely find that a Cuban chain for men is less costly than other options. While there are many factors contributing to these cost differences, most begin with where and how chains are made.

Cuban Link Chains are Great Gifts for Any Occasion

Birthdays, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day; there are any number of good reasons to give your boyfriend a Cuban necklace. Even if he already has one, it never hurts to remind him how much you care. A Cuban necklace is an excellent way to let him know that you are always there for him no matter what. Remember: A man without jewelry is like a vase without flowers! So don’t hesitate and pick up one today.

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Cuban Link Chains Are Often Shorter than Other Chains

A Cuban link chain is shorter than most other necklaces, which makes it ideal for men who don’t want their jewelry to dangle too far in front of their clothes. It also won’t end up hanging out of your shirt if you choose a shorter chain length. While some short chains can feel as if they aren’t secure around your neck, Cuban link chains are extremely strong and sturdy—so you shouldn’t have any problems.

Cuban link chain for men.

Cuban Link Chains Have the Ideal Length

When shopping for Cuban link chains online, you’ll want to make sure you’re purchasing one that isn’t too long or too short. A properly sized Cuban link chain should be about an inch longer than your neck size—so if you have a 16-inch neck, your Cuban link chain should be 18 inches in length. Remember, men with a large chest (or even big arms) will need longer chains than their wrist size.

Cuban link chain for boyfriend.

So there you go, there are several reasons why to get the Cuban chain link. Though, this is more common with men, this can be worn by women too. 

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