The heart necklaces or a heart necklace is one of the most recognizable symbols of love and romance. The heart necklace has been worn as a symbol of love for thousands of years, and it’s not just because it’s so darn adorable. In ancient times, wearing a heart on your necklace meant that you were loyal to your spouse or close family member. Today, wearing a heart necklace still means that you’re loyal and committed to the person you love. In this article, we’ll explore the history of the heart necklace, where it came from, and some of the different ways that people have worn them throughout history. 

The heart is the symbol of love. It's a special thing to bring someone closer to you. Hearts are usually worn on rings, necklaces and earrings. The gem of the rings, necklaces and earrings can be any: ruby, sapphire, garnet, alexandrite, etc. The heart necklaces can be combined with the birthstones of you and your beloved, but it can also have the birthstones of your parents, your children or any other relatives, who are close to you. 

Dating back to ancient Greek, the heart has always been considered the seat of the emotions, impulses and passions. It has also been considered to be the most vulnerable part of the body, which is why symbols of the heart are often associated with courage, strength and the ability to love.

When you decide to give someone a piece of heart jewelry, be it a necklace, an anklet or a pendant, you are saying that you care for that person so much that you want to have a small piece of their heart with you at all times.

This is a very thoughtful and romantic gift that also has a very serious message.

To help you decide which heart necklace to give to your loved one, here’s a list of the different types of heart necklaces:

  1. Simple, single heart necklace. This heart necklace is just plain and can be worn by anyone, whether single or not. 

    Simple heart necklace

  2. Heart Necklace Monogram. It's designed for the initials of the person or your partner. Let's say, your partner's name starts with the letter K, you can have it as the monogram on this heart necklace. 

    Heart Monogram Necklace
  3. Double heart necklace: It is a necklace with 2 heart-shaped jewels. Most commonly gifted to from daughter to mom or from boyfriend to girlfriend, husband to wife. 

    Double Heart Necklace

  4. Intertwined or interlinked heart necklace: It is a combination of two necklaces that are interlinked together.  It’s symbolic of a strong bond between two people. It is usually for mom and daughter, friends and couples.

    Interlinked Heart Necklace

    Intertwined Heart Necklace
  5. Gold-puffed heart necklace. It’s a heart necklace that has been puffed-up to make it prominent. Usual used for fashion statement. 

    Puffed Gold heart necklace

  6. Red heart necklace: As it says, it’s a heart necklace with a red-coloured precious stone or gem. 

  7. Pink heart necklace. This is more sublime than the red heart necklace so this is best for young adults or kids. 

  8. Couple necklace: The heart pendant is split into two as each part goes to the guy and the girl. One of the famous celebrities who wore this was Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas. It was controversial back then as it seems to be cheesy, as commented by one of the netizens. Link Here.  

    Heart Couple Necklace
  9. Heart and Key Couple Necklace.

  10. Heart and Key Couple Necklace

  11. Small charm Heart Necklace. This type of necklace has small heart charms. Some may have engraved symbols or letters. It’s a perfect personalized gift since you can choose the initials or the letters. 

    Heart Charms Necklace

  12. Open Heart Necklace: This heart necklace looks like a frame. Some may have a special stone on it, or it just a plain open heart necklace. 

    Open Heart Necklace
  13. Heart drop necklace. This cute heart necklace is suspended like a drop. Though this design is usually for pearl necklaces, it also works fine with with heart pendant. 

    Heart Drop Necklace

  14. Heart locket design. This heart necklace can be personalized with a photo of the couple or another special person. The back part can also have a small text engraved to make it extra special. 

    Heart Locket Necklace

  15. Infinity heart design. This heart necklace design is combined withe infinity design. It symbolizes eternity of the strong relationship of two souls. Truly romantic.

  16. Personalized Heart Necklace with Birthstones 

    Heart necklace with birthstones

  17. Triple Heart Design necklace. 

    Triple Heart Necklace


You might have some questions in mind and we’ve gone ahead and answer these respectively:

  1. What does heart jewelry symbolize? As mentioned above, it is a symbol of love and affection. . A heart symbol could mean luck or love, or it might even symbolize something more serious, like a couple's love. But, what the jewelry does, is signify a strong connection ... in the heart.

  2. What does a heart pendant necklace mean? It still goes back related to the meaning of what does a heart jewelry symbolize, which is a strong relationship of two souls.

  3. Is a heart necklace tacky? Heart necklaces are never tacky. You can wear it alone or with other necklaces that have minimal design.

  4. What does 3 hearts on a necklace mean? This is usually for moms with 3 children. Each heart represents one child. The heart pendant should have the right size and thickness so it would still look stylish. Perfect for a mom with 3 kids!

  5. What does it mean if a girl wears a heart necklace? It has multiple meanings whether the girl is single or not. Best to ask or check around if that person is indeed single. However, since the heart necklace is usually associated with romance, people would construe this as true and that the girl is indeed in a relationship.