19 Facts Everyone Should Know About Men's Skeleton Watch

As the term implies, “skeleton”, meaning bare essentials of a watch which exposes its internal parts, or “skeletonisation”. It’s either the front or back part of the watch that would show the internal, intricate moving parts of the men's skeleton watch.

FACTS about the Skeleton Watch: 

  1. What does skeleton mean in watches? A skeleton watch is an aesthetic time piece where moving parts can be seen either the front part or the back of the watch. The prominent parts of the men's skeleton watch are as follows: mainspring, balance wheel, hairspring, escapement and gear train among others. 
  2. When was it invented first? It was invented around the 18th century (1770 -1775) 
  3. What is the other term for skeleton watch? It’s called openwork, due to its aesthetic design of exposed internal clockwork.
  4. Who invented it? The skeleton watch was first invented by Andre Charles Caron. He was not just any clock-worker because he does have years and years of experience, having worked for Louis VX, the King Of France.
  5. Who is Andre Charles Caron? He was a famous skeleton watch maker, born in France (Lizy-sur-Ourcq) in 1698. Deceased in 1775, he was then 77 years old at that time and was not able to finish the first skeleton watch. 
  6. Whose idea was it to make the watch? Andre was commissioned to make that skeleton watch for Queen Elizabeth.
  7. What makes it different from a regular watch? The skeleton watch aesthetic design shows the inner workings of the watch, like some small exquisite clockwork. Thus, the front and back are usually made of clear mineral glass, thus one can directly see the spins and turns of the watch as time goes by. The ordinary watch, on the contrary, is fully covered with a translucent material like metal. What you see are the numbers and the hands of the watch. 
  8. What’s are the parts of the men's skeleton watch? 
    Part of the mens skeleton watch.
  9. Does a men's skeleton watch require a battery? Unlike traditional watches, these are automatic mechanical watches. So you don't have to worry about batteries. It is self-winding and just needs to be worn constantly to maintain time. If this is not worn constantly, it will become inaccurate.
  10. How long do skeleton watches last? The right craftsmanship of the mens skeleton watch will definitely last a long time, if not forever. It depends with the usage and how well it is maintained, but all in all, it has an indefinite lifespan.
  11. Is a skeleton watch the same as openwork watch? Yes, these are one and the same. 
  12. Why is a skeleton watch popular? It has become popular due to the aesthetic design. One can directly see the inner clockwork of the watch, with all the springs, barrels and pinons all moving with great synchronicity in alignment with time. 
  13. How do you take care of a men's skeleton watch? Taking care of a skeleton watch is pretty easy as it is essentially the same with other regular watches. Every night, wipe it with a microfiber cloth to remove any dust, oil (from hands) or dirt. Focus on the dial first, then proceed with the leather strap and lastly other metal parts. Depending on your skeleton watch type, it's better to remove it before hitting the shower to prevent exposure to water and soap. Lastly, to maintain the accuracy of time, it has to be worn everyday. 
  14. What are the 5 most expensive skeleton watches in the world? These are: 1. Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet Tourbillon Skeleton – $305,184, 2. Breguet Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar – $192,860,
    3. Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle Skeleton – $166,150
    4. Breguet Tourbillon Manual Wind – $162,190
    5. Breguet Tourbillon Messidor – $138,250
    Reference here.
  15. Are these expensive? Yes, most skeleton watches are expensive, owing to the classic and engineering designs of these watches. Have no fret, we do have a skeleton watch that will definitely suit your budget. It comes with a personalized message card as well to make it unique:

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16. What is the famous skeleton watch from before?
  • Marie-Antoinette pocket skeleton watch: An admirer of Queen Marie had commissioned Abraham Louis Breguet to make this watch. There was no deadline but it was required to make it as spectacular as possible, showcasing the horological expertise. It took 44 years to make and by that time, the Queen and original watch maker were already dead. This was now known as Breguet No. 160. 
Marie Antoinette - skeleton watch

    17. What are the best skeleton watches that were reviewed in 2021? Click here for the list by hoodmwr.
    18. Who are some of the celebrities who wore men's skeleton watch? Famous celebrities who wore the Men's Skeleton Watch:
    1. Michael B. Jordan - Piaget Polo Tourbillon. This watch was so expensive that it needed  its own security detail. This one has 18K white gold with several dazzling brilliant-cut shaped diamonds. It was approximately, 1.03 carats each but there were 113 of these. This piaget watch didn’t have much of the internal aesthetics of a skeleton watch because the primary focus were the diamonds. 
    2. Mahershala Ali - Santos de Cartier Skeleton. This outstanding timepiece costs $26,800. The design boasts of Roman Numerals extending towards the center of the watch, like radii. Behind, the simple skeleton structure exposed,  not much details where shown but there were three obvious wheels moving about in constant motion.

    19. What are the best skeleton watches under $1000? What are cheap skeleton watches? What are the best skeleton watches 2022? What are the skeleton watches for men? All of these can be found on Amazon: 

    Best Skeleton Watches on Amazon, Under $1000: 

    1. Fossil Men's Townsman Stainless Steel Mechanical Automatic Skeleton Watch Mens:

    Fossil Men's Townsman Stainless Steel Mechanical Automatic Skeleton Watch


    2. Bulova Men's Automatic Open Aperture Skeleton Watch Mens, 43mm

    Bulova Men's Automatic Open Aperture skeleton Watch, 43mm


    3. Invicta Skeleton Watch Men's 1088 Russian Diver Stainless Steel and Black Polyurethane Mechanical Watch with Skeleton Window

    invicta skeleton watch


    3. Fossil Men's Townsman Stainless Steel Mechanical Automatic Skeleton Watch Mens

    Fossil Men's Townsman Stainless Steel Mechanical Automatic Watch


    4. Invicta Men's Coalition Forces Stainless Steel Automatic-self-Wind Skeleton Watch Mens with Silicone Strap, Black, 25 (Model: 24708)

    Invicta Men's Coalition Forces Stainless Steel Automatic-self-Wind skeleton Watch mens with Silicone Strap, Black, 25 (Model: 24708)

     5. Sturhling Skeleton Watch for Men

    Stuhrling Original Mens Automatic Watch Skeleton Watches for Men - Black Leather Watch Strap Mechanical Watch Silver Executive Watch Collection