Mothers’ Day is just around the corner, and you might still be looking for the perfect way to show your mom how much you care! What better way to make her smile than with one of these mothers’ day messages and quotes? Whether you decide to share your personal message through flowers or your own hand-written note, or opt to let it speak for itself in the form of a beautiful quote, mom will surely appreciate the gesture – especially on this day that’s all about her! So here are some of our favorite mothers’ day messages and quotes to help inspire you.


If you don’t know what to get your mom for Mother’s Day, take a cue from these funny mothers day messages. They'll surely make her laugh out loud as she reads them. For that sentimental touch with a funny twist on it read these fun poems about how much we love our mom's!

“Thanks for putting up with us! We love you like crazy.”

“Happy Mother’s Day! Maybe for today, I’ll clean my room. Maybe.”

“Happy Mother’s Day! I can’t accept your friend request! So sorry! I love you lots! 

“To Mom, thanks for all the good genes and great memories, from your favorite child.”

"I’m glad that you’re my mother. I don’t think anyone can put up with me for this long! Love you, Mom."

"Happy Mother’s Day to my No. 1 Einstein-like problem-solver and not-so secret superhero in my life. I hope you have a great day!"

"Mom: I love you and your Great Wall of China super long voicemails."

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“To my gorgeous mom, you inspire me every day

Words are not enough how much I appreciate everything you have done for me from childhood till now. You’re my role model, my inspiration, and I want to be just like you when I grow up. Thank you for being there through thick and thin, for teaching me right from wrong, for showing me that anything is possible if I work hard enough—and that all it takes is a little faith. This holiday may be about celebrating mom, but every day is your day. Happy Mother’s Day!”

“Me being like you is one of the best compliments I get!”

“It would be longer than the Great Wall of China if I wrote down all the reasons I love you!”

“Thank you for all the warm hugs, sweet kisses, and impeccable patience through the years.”

“Have a wonderful Mother's Day Mum! I love you more than words can say!”

"When we were kids, we didn’t recognize how much you did for us to keep everything our lives running so smoothly. Now that I'm older, I'm even more impressed by everything you have done for us, and I admire you much more. Thank you so much for making my childhood full of great memories and lessons! Mom, I adore you!"

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There’s no question that becoming a mother is one of life’s greatest honors. And, on May 8h, it’s important to celebrate mothers with thoughtful messages and quotes. With Mother’s Day falling in springtime when flowers are blooming again and kids are enjoying outdoor playdates again, you want your words of love for mom (and message for happy mothers day) to match her happy mood.

“Changing nappies, sleepless nights, endless baby cries and giggles, milk spills are part of motherhood. No worries, you will be rewarded with hugs and kisses! Enjoy your very first Mother's Day!”

“This uber cute bundle of joy (coming from our awesome genes, of course) is the greatest gift you have ever given me. Happy Mother's Day!

I'm so excited about this journey together, my love and my best friend. Happy first Mother's Day!”

"Happy First Mother’s Day from your number one fan, your best friend and most handsome guy in the universe and the multiverse. Happy Mother's Day!"

"I have no idea how you do all the things you do. Thanks so much for being such a bad@ss wifey and mom."


Sometimes, it is hard for children to be honest with their parents. While you’d expect a mother's day message from sons to be brimming with positive vibes and heartfelt appreciation, oftentimes it isn’t that easy to express what's in your heart. If you're looking for great quotes about mothers for your own mother's day messages or if you want inspiration for writing yours, here are some of our favorites.

“Mum, you are my biggest inspiration and influence. Thank you for everything, for supporting me through the years and for making me the man I am now. Happy Mother's Day!

"Happy Mother’s Day! A mother, without a doubt, is a boy’s first true love. Thank you for always being there for me. I love you."

"Happy Mother’s Day! To the woman who always has my back to support me and my side to cheer me up. Thank you for everything and for being more than I could ever ask for."

“So grateful! I am lucky to have you in my life, such a kind and generous person I know. I'm a fortunate son to have such a wonderful mother. Happy Mother's Day!


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“Happy Mothers Day, mom! You are not just my mother but also my sweet best friend. I love how you always know how to make me smile again when I am down. You may not always be there for me but somehow you always show up at exactly when I need you most. Happy Mother's Day!

"Thank you Mom for the guidance you gave me to be the best version of myself. This is me, I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me. You are very much appreciated. Happy Mother's Day!"

"Thanks for being an incredible mother and role model to me during my childhood. I am so thankful to have your support and guidance as I travel through life. Happy Mother’s Day!"

"I got all my awesome qualities and great genes from you, Mom! Congratulations! Isn’t it lucky you had more than enough for both of us? Happy Mother's Day!"

“Dear Mom, you are a supermom, our mom and dad in one. For raising us and for providing all of the world's comforts and joys.... Mom, I wish you a very happy Mother's Day.... I adore you!!!!”

"It is your love and devotion for your children that drives you to achieve things that are seemingly impossible.... You are the best single parent because of your tremendous determination and enthusiasm.... On Mother's Day, I'm sending you my best are amazing!!! Happy Mother's Day!"

"On this Mother’s Day, I am thanking you for supporting us and guiding us through life, while taking care of us, providing for us keeping in all the comforts….. You really rocked this as a single mom!!!”

“Despite the odds and challenges in life, you raised us well. Happy Mother’s Day to my supermom. Happy Mother's Day!”


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“Happy Mother’s Day. The day I married your son was the day I had bonded with a great mother-in-law. So lovely, patient and caring. That’s twice as much to celebrate!”

“Happy Mother’s Day! You've shared my joys and sorrows throughout the years, smiling and laughing with me in the good times and standing by my side in the bad. Thank you so much for always demonstrating your concern for me. Take advantage of today and every day after that.”

“You are the essence of what a perfect mother-in-law should be, and it reflects in my husband. You shaped him into the beautiful individual he is today. I feel incredibly fortunate to have you as my mother-in-law. Happy Mother's Day!

“To My Wonderful Mother-in-Law, thank you for loving and supporting us through the years. I'm grateful to be a member of your family. I hope you have the most lovely Mother's Day possible!”

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Celebrate your mother by living your best life ever

Mother’s Day is all about celebrating our mothers—the women who raised us, instilled in us their best qualities, and shaped us into people we are today. On Mother’s Day, consider thanking your mom for all she has done for you by living your best life ever. Not only will you honor her by improving as a person, but you’ll also make her proud—and that’s always something worth striving for. 

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