“Distance means so little when someone means so much.”


I am having a great time touring Paris, the city of love, with my husband busy in the USA, trying to start a new business venture. We are living apart for more than 6 months now, but the love, compassion, and understanding in our relationship are growing. Though we are thousands of miles apart, our love allows us to shrink the miles between us.

You must have heard such successful long-distance relationship stories, and let us tell you, they are true. Even though it is challenging to not being around your partner physically, there is no reason to fear distance because, in the end, love conquers all, including long distances.


How do we Keep The Flames Alive In A Long-Distance Relationship?

You are not alone in trying to figure out how your love will stay alive given the distance. The lack of physical contact, not being able to see each other, a tinge of jealousy every time your spouse mentioned someone else’s name clutters your mind with questions and doubts.

But as they say, love can move mountains; your relationship can survive and even thrive even though you are geographically separated. A 2018 research concludes that 60% of long-distance relationships last.  Not only that, according to study, long-distance couples feel more satisfied compared to couples living under the same roof because they spend more time communicating rather than hooking up!’

So, yes, with a bit of effort and a commitment, you can make your long-distance relationship satisfying and thrive, and we are going to tell you how to do that.


Fantastic Tips For Long-Distance Relationship

Maintaining a long-distance relationship is not an easy cup of tea to sip on. But as they say, “when there is a will, there is a way,” you can cover the challenges that come with unwanted distance.

Here are some fantastic tried and proven long distance relationship tips that will bring fire to your relationship. Who knows, you might end up on the altar saying your vows and tying the official knot?

1.    Communication

Effective and open communication is always a key ingredient in making a relationship successful and is especially essential when distance is involved. Most long-distance couples rely on the clock and free time to connect, but that doesn’t mean you have to call whenever you are free. It will make things only awkward and tacky.

Instead, it’s wise to schedule a meeting time every day or an alternate day. Not to forget, you can also surprise your beloved sometimes with an unexpected call letting her know she is always on your mind no matter what. Remember, you can do that only occasionally, or it will lose its charm.

Why do so?  Who not be in touch with your partner all the time?

Well, it will make you closer and hipper with your relationship after having a chat with your partner than communicating with them all the time. It simply adds value to your relationship. Scheduled meetings, spontaneous text, or random chitchats during free hours need to be valued when there is a distance between partners.

2.    Personalized Gifts

You cannot underestimate the value of a gifting when it comes to relationships, but personalized gifts tend to work especially well when there is distance involved.

Sending your soulmate a simple name embossed pendant on Valentine’s Day, or a locket having a picture of you and your partner inside or celebrating their birthday by sending a bouquet accompanied with a message card expressing all your emotions will brighten their day like none other.

Celebrating occasions with personalized romantic gifts or surprising one another with small sentimental gifts keep the spark up in a long-distance relationship. Personalized gifting is an excellent way of letting your partner know how much you think of them and invest time and energy to do something extra special for them.


personalized gifts

3.    Snail Mails

Sure, we live in a technologically advanced era, but relying on technology alone to maintain contact may bore you out. How about trying it the traditional way? Snail mails and letters have their own charms when it comes to expressing love. When actions fail to deliver your deep-felt emotions, it’s better to utilize the power of words.

Sending a love note with a bit of spray of your partner’s favorite cologne is the best way of showing just how romantic you feel when you think of them. Beautiful flowers, a bottle of his/her favorite wine, or arranging a fruit basket are some diverse and cute gift ideas for making a long-distance relationship lively.

4.    Keep Yourself Busy

What if you are not physically together? You can still experience the things you can enjoy together and even enjoy the ones that separate you from one another. The perk of being in a distant relationship is that you can be yourself and have room for things that matter to you.

So, pursue your interests and career, make new friends, explore new places, and even plan a movie night together ( you can do so on a video call). Look at the bright side of the story. Even though there is an unwanted distance but using it to your advantage, you can balance your professional and personal life.


long distance relationship tips

5.    Self Care

Self-love comes before developing feelings for someone else. When you love yourself wholeheartedly, you are better able to build a healthy and lively relationship.

So, celebrate life and your achievements, plan outings to enjoy nature, hang out with your best buddies, take care of your diet and visit your favorite salon to groom your personality. Most of all, be positive and be kind to yourself!

With so much going on in your life, it is difficult for many to take care of themselves. But with a little effort, you can take time for yourself, which is essential for your personal growth and your relationships as well.

6.    Plan For The Next Meeting

Should you surprise him/her or arrange a meeting? What should you wear? Should you book a hotel room or a romantic Airbnb? What should you bring? 

Although there is no specific time for a meetup, it's best to meet your partner every 3-6 months. Anticipation of the visit, the planning, what to wear, how to behave, and making all the preparations for the coming day will make things even more exciting.

Also, it's best to carefully arrange flight accommodations during the current circumstances and follow the COVID protocols to arrive at your destination on time. Besides, make hotel reservations and a backup plan in case things get out of control.